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History of Tenochtitlán

Nine Aztec emperors ruled from Tenochtitlán, including Acamapichtli, the founder of the Aztec imperial dynasty, and Itzcoatl, who allied Tenochtitlán with Texcoco and Tlacopan.

Montezuma I is credited with improving the administrative and judicial systems at Tenochtitlán and overseeing many architectural projects.

In 1487, the emperor Ahuitzotl consecrated Tenochtitlán's Great Temple with tens of thousands of human sacrifices. His successful military campaigns brought in vast quantities of tribute to the capital, and it developed rapidly during his rule.

Among Ahuitzotl's additions to the city was its much-needed second aqueduct to accommodate the growing population.

In 1503, a huge flood that struck Tenochtitlán included Ahuitzotl among its victims.

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